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Daniel Scope Electrical

Daniel Scope Electrical

Daniel Scope Electrical

Switchboards are prone to aging and can of course deteriorate over time. Regular switchboard maintenance not only ensures that your switchboard remains in good working order, but also that you will avoid a major, unforeseen blowout. Find out why it’s important to consider regular switchboard maintenance in your business or home.

What is preventative switchboard maintenance?

The best cure is prevention – and this is true of electrical switchboards too. If you have just upgraded to a new electrical switchboard, regular switchboard maintenance is recommended. This could include internal cleaning to keep dust particles out, visually inspect the circuit breakers, checking the insulation is in good condition and replacing when necessary, testing of safety switches, the tightness of fastenings on the switchboard, and inspecting and replacing control wiring.

Reducing equipment failure

If there is a problem with your switchboard, you risk major appliances in your home being damaged or destroyed in a power surge. A regular maintenance check on your switchboard will minimise the risk of having a major issue that could end up costing you thousands to replace big ticket items such as refrigerators, washing machines or televisions.

Family safety first

One of the key reasons it’s important to undergo switchboard maintenance is that it ensures your household has been protected by a licensed electrician. Qualified trades know exactly what to do and what to look for to minimize the risk of electrocution or electrical fires.

Like all electrical hardware, switchboards are subject to wear and tear across the years. You can have a qualified electrician come out to check for any deficiencies or deterioration that might need attention, but a regular periodic maintenance inspection has so many added benefits. Depending on the age of the switchboard, you may want to consult with a professional to see if switchboard maintenance should be scheduled quarterly, every six months or once every 12 months.

Contact Daniel Scope Electrical to discuss your switchboard maintenance job and get a free quote today.

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