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How to Know If It’s Time For A Switchboard Upgrade

Electrical switchboards play an integral role in your overall electrical system’s efficiency and safety and are probably one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home. Outdated switchboards can cause frequent electrical trips, draw too much power, and pose a danger to you and your family.

As professional electricians, we have performed hundreds of switchboard upgrade Sydney. Here are some of the signs that your property may be in need of a switchboard upgrade.

Your Appliances Are Acting Up

Are your appliances faulty? Do they act up? Do they not work as they should? Perhaps some appliances trip the electricity? Do your lights flicker if too many appliances are on at one time? This is not normal and is usually a sure sign that your switchboard needs an upgrade.

You Live in An Old House

Houses that were built 20+ years ago were not designed to cope with modern-day electricity usage. If your switchboard is older than a decade or so, you may want to have it looked at by a professional technician to ensure that it is capable of keeping up with your household’s electrical demands.

Your Switchboard Has Fuses

If your switchboard still makes use of fuses instead of a Residual Circuit Breaker, you should call an electrician to get your switchboard updated as soon as possible. Fuses are exceptionally outdated and not built to handle modern appliances.

Your Breakers Are Tripping

If your breakers are frequently tripping, it usually means that your electricity consumption is too large for your switchboard to handle; hence a switchboard upgrade is required.

You’re Upgrading And Extending Your Home

If you’re getting home extensions done on your home, this will most likely result in an increase in your electrical needs. Your current switchboard may not be able to handle the extra load put on it by the extension and may need a switchboard upgrade in order to be safe.
Looking to get a switchboard upgrade Sydney? Get in touch with the expert electrical technicians at Daniel Scope Electrical, who will put your safety first and provide a neat and seamless electrical switchboard upgrade for you at a reasonable cost.

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